Lasik And Beyond Lasik

This book covers all about LASIK and many of the new technologies available to achieve customized corneal ablation.

"LASIK and Beyond LASIK" is a comprehensive tool that will update your knowledge with the whole world of Refractive Surgery. Each section is full of dynamic information with didactic pictures and illustrations that enhance the presentation of the book. Modern refractive surgery techniques implemented by world-recognized refractive surgeons results in a very effective combination. Make your refractive practice a success with this amazing step -by - step Refractive Surgery book.

"LASIK and Beyond LASIK" - Wavefront Analysis and Customized Ablation" will launch a new era in LASIK Surgery allowing you to percieve the very best available now and take a good look into the future of Refractive Surgery.The book covers all the available options to achieve the maximum perfection for the benefit of your practice and your patients.

The main topics covered in this book are:

  • Wavefront Analysis and Customized Ablation
  • Presbyopic LASIK
  • Complications of LASIK and their Prevention
  • No Anaesthesia Cataract Clear Lens Extraction
  • Phakonit and Laser Phakonit Lens Removal through a 0.9mm incision.
  • Alternatives to LASIK, and many more...

Prof. Benjamin.F.Boyd, M.D., Editor-in-chief, and Sunita Agarwal,M.S., Athiya Agarwal, M.D., and Amar Agarwal, M.S., Editors, bring out the latest book titled "LASIK AND BEYOND LASIK", simultaneously published in English and Spanish by the world famous Highlights of Ophthalmology.