Phako, Phakonit & Laser Phako - A Quest for the Best

Cover Type: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 500
ISBN: 9962613108
Price : $180.00

Dr. Sunita Agarwal, Dr.Athiya Agarwal and Dr.Amar Agarwal (Editors) have brought out the latest on Cataract Surgery in the book "Phako, Phakonit and Laser Phako: A Quest for the Best". This book has been published in English and Spanish by HIGHLIGHTS OF OPHTHALMOLOGY.

Phakoemulsification brought the incision for cataract surgery down to 3 mm. In this book the complete gamutof Phako surgery including the understanding of the Phako machine have been covered. It is published in hard cover with more than 500 pages and over 300 top-class illustrations. Various phako techniques like Stop and Chop and the Karate Chop, and difficult cases like subluxated cataracts being managed by endocapsular rings and mature cataracts using various dyes, are also explained. No anesthesia cataract surgery which has set minds thinking has been taught and compared with other modalities of anesthesia.

Phakonit has broken the 1 mm barrier in cataract surgery. In this book the technique of converting from Phako to Phakonit and from Foldable IOL's to Rollable IOL's has been discussed in detail. Laser Phako has used laser energy which can be in the form of the Erbium Laser or the Nd:Yag laser. A separate Section presents Laser Sclerotomy and how the surgeon can move into this technology.

Another Section covers Complications of Phakoemulsification including various topics like removal of dropped nuclei by FAVIT and also management of endophthalmitis.

This complete book will teach all there is to know and more on Phako, Phakonit and Laser Phako so that one can understand and implement various surgical procedures and obtain the best results. One should always strive for knowledge and have a Quest for the Best.


  • Mechanics of the Phako machine
  • No anesthesia cataract surgery
  • Phakonit with the Rollable IOL
  • Phako in small pupils, subluxated and mature cataracts
  • Pediatric cataract surgery
  • Multifocal and Accomodating IOL's
  • Complications of Phako and their management
  • Management of dropped nuclei by FAVIT
  • Laser phako and many more...


Dr. Benjamin F. Boyd, FACS; Dr. Samuel Boyd, MD


Dr. Sunita Agarwal, Dr.Athiya Agarwal and Dr.Amar Agarwal (Editors)
Jorge L. Alio, M.D.; David J. Apple, M.D.; Lisa B. Arbisser, M.D.; Clement K. Chan, M.D.; David F. Chang, M.D.; I. Howard Fine, M.D.; Weldon Haw, M.D.; Charles D. Kelman, M.D.; Robert M. Kershner, M.D.; Michael C. Knorz, M.D.; Paul S. Koch, M.D.; Richard L. Lindstrom, M.D.; Samuel Masket, M.D.; Tobias Neuhann, M.D.; Randall J. Olson, M.D.; Suresh K. Pandey, M.D.; Juan Murube, M.D., Ph.D.; Jack A. Singer, M.D.; Carlos Verges, M.D., Ph.D.

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