1 mm Laser Phakonit with Acrismart IOL Implantation

The 1 mm Laser Phakonit with Acrismart intraocular lens implantation This is a no injection anesthesia, no pain, no suture, no patch, no bleeding, and no hospitalization technique for cataract removal. A 1mm opening is made in the clear area of cornea (black of the eye) in a bloodless manner using a 1mm Diamond blade. A circular opening is made in the capsule (skin of the lens) of the lens through the same 1mm opening. Using laser coupled with ultrasound the cataract is removed. The laser vaporizes cataract constantly and ultrasound that is used minimally emulsifies and helps embedding the laser probe into the cataract. Thus within ten minutes cataract is removed through just a 1mm opening. After this the latest state of the art Acrismart foldable intraocular lens implanted permanently inside the eye. The advantage of this lens is that it can be inserted into the eye through the 1mm opening. Further as the opening is only 1mm no sutures are required and keeps at bay the discomfort of sutures. The patient can then walk out and resume normal activities.


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