No Anesthesia Laser Cataract Surgery

A clear distinct application is in the way cataract surgery has changed at Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital, not only is it done lasers and ultrasound technology to vaporize and liquefy the cataract out of the eye through very small openings made through a bloodless field in the eye, but this is all done with no anesthesia being used at all. This has taken the world of ophthalmology by a storm. Gone are the days when we thought pain was mediated through nerves, or those operations are a gory sight of blood and pain. Here the cataract is taken out of the eye and foldable silicon intraocular lens implanted within five to ten minutes without the patient even getting to know what happened. No pain, no injections and no blood have made this surgery more or less fool proof and can be meted our on debilitated patients, diabetics, hypertensives, heart disease any body, since there is no fear of the anaesthetic or other medications reacting with any other system inside the patients body. The 1 mm laser cataract procedure is the latest development by Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital.


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