Lasik Laser

The world got interested in the removal of eye glass power over three decades ago and for the last two and half decades the research and development wing at Dr. Agarwal's has not rested. DWith Lasik laser performed on over 2000 patients, laser technology incorporated with computer wizard has helped remove the eye glass power. The laser surgery is conducted with no injections, no blood, the patient walks out of the operation theater with the no glasses and full vision within seconds.

This is used to remove glasses (for distance as well for near vision defects). This does not necessitate hospitalization at all. The power from both the eyes are removed at the same sitting and takes less than ten minutes to complete the entire procedure. This helps in quick rehabilitation of vision and thus the individual can get back to his routine at the earliest.

The cornea has 5 layers. A wafer thin corneal flap is made in the 1st & 2nd layer of the cornea using a special micro keratome. This flap is made in the form of a door in that it is still attached to the cornea (black of the eye) by a hinge. This flap is lifted and rolled on itself. Laser is used on the 3rd layer also called the bed of the cornea, which removes the power of the eye by vapourizing the corneal tissue thereby removing the refractive error. The entire procedure for both eyes is completed within ten minutes and the patient disposes off his glasses thereafter. Care is to be taken not to touch the eyes after the procedure.


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