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DNA Gene Theraphy

We at Dr. Agarwal's Hospital have been in the service of Ophthalmology for 75 years. The International Council of Ophthalmology has recognized Dr.Agarwal's Hospital as one of the leading hospitals in the world.

Dr.Agarwal's Hospital is recognized as pioneers in the field of Laser Cataract Surgery. Some of the procedures that we specialize in are listed below.

The highlight of the below-mentioned procedures is that they involve No Injection, No patch, No bandage, No Sutures, No pain and absolutely No hospitalization.


For the corporate that cares and shows it cares we extend our wholehearted support in providing world-class eye care at your doorstep. It is difficult to understand quality and dedication in a country as vast as ours though here at Dr. Agarwal's Hospital our understanding of the world comes only through the quality and dedication meted out by the all the members working under these parameters of excellence.



The patients’ blood is collected through one of the peripheral veins like the cubital vein, using a vacutainer and needle, this already contains EDTA, thus the blood does not clot. Then it is centrifuged at 200G so that the RBCs can be taken away and all we need is the top in between layer called the buffy coat and the plasma. The buffy coat is rich in WBCs which are the nucleated cells of the blood that means it contains DNA and is capable of producing proteins that the body may need. When this buffy coat rich in WBCs is seen under the light of a microscope the cells are varied in shape with spicules on its surface which are the protein markers that gives it identification and its allergic properties.

Diode Laser

Diode Laser

This is an outpatient procedure in which Laser is used to seal bleeders in the retina especially, in Diabetic, Hypertensive retinopathy and Age related macular degeneration. By sealing the retina it prevents retinal detachment in Myopia. Further, it also improves blood circulation to the macula and the optic nerve in cases of optic nerve weakness.

Silicon Plugs for Dry Eye Treatment

Silicon Plugs for Dry Eye Treatment

One more of the latest inclusions in the long list of treatments conducted at Dr Agarwal Hospitals is the treatment of Dry Eyes by using silicon plugs. A very effective, painless and reversible treatment, this involves plugging the drainage through which the natural tears drain out of the eyes. There exists one canaliculi in each of the lids which drains tears out of the eyes. First the upper canaliculi is plugged thereby increasing the resistance to the outflow of tears. This allows for the tears to coat the eyes sufficiently thereby reducing symptoms of dry eyes. Certain of the severe dry eyes have been effectively treated by plugging of all the four canaliculi thereby giving complete relief to the patient.