Geared with the latest state of the art equipment from allover the world the hospital has been adjudged a major eye centre by the International Congress of Ophthalmology. The hospital runs through its two offices in Madras and Bangalore with over 15 consultation chambers where 23 eye surgeons work in conjugally spanning 7 operation theaters with the latest in eye care surgical-equipment.


Each consultation room is fitted with the latest in fast refraction system along with bio microscopy to visualize the eye through high-powers beams and magnification.

Computerized equipment go hand in glove with diagnostic excellence with the autorefractor, autoperimeter, ultrasound scanning equipment and digital survey of the cornea for topography.

The operation theaters are fitted with latest systems through which the whole surgery is relayed across to the lounges, where the patients relatives can see their near and dear ones being operated under the high magnification through closed circuit television and thelatest in audiovisual presentation.

Lasers have come to form an integral part of an eye hospital in today's surroundings. Geared with seven different laser machines to do various tasks in small zones, The Excimer laser forms the nidus. Both institutions have this technology where the refractive power of the individual can be wiped clean by ingraining it onto the cornea itself.

Dr. Agarwal hospitals & Eye Research Center has through seven decades and three generation dedicated service towards eye care for the nation. Today with the burgeoning efforts of the industry to keep the nation abreast with global technology, Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital gears itself to good the industry towards a better healthier environment. Already stated fact by many economists and today reiterated by the Nobel laureate Dr. A. Sen., health forms a major focus towards raising the country's GNP.