Silicon Plugs for Dry Eye Treatment

Dr.Agarwal Hospitals have always kept in tandem with the society and its needs, thus recognizing the problem, started a huge body of work in treating dry eyes. In an era gone by it was easily done by chemicals and pharmaceuticals, however as the new century unfolded this was barely possible as the cause of the condition could not be removed. Man hours on the job and the job itself pertaining to some form of video display terminal, computers, TV screens and today the mobile phone. We need to keep abreast with technology as this is the way the mind itself develops.

Thus Dr.Agarwal Hospitals kept up with their own science and technology so that our youth could be mustered on to perform and deliver. Silicon lacrimal plugs were employed coming in from USA patented for the small canal that takes the moisture of the eye into the nose. Once plugged it retains mucus in the eye for over 50% longer time and brings back the normal protective film layer of the eye.

The next step was to increase the production of natural tears. By DNA gene therapy a drop of the patients own blood is used to make their own fetal or healthy DNA and this is given back as injections to the skin of the eye.